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sending info to windows clipboard

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Can I send info to the windows clipboard from Autoit? For example, can I send "test" to the windows clipboard and then Control V the word "test" to another application? The send command will not work with the application I am trying to send information to, it only accepts control c and control v. So in order to put info in this application I have to find a way to get it into the windows clipboard.... thanks

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Hi zig05. Have you tried this?

SetEnv, clipboard, whatever you want to send to clipboard

(this will send anything you type after the setenv, clipboard, to the clipboard.

SetEnv, clipboard, whatever

; activate your program to paste into

send, {^v}

if that doesn't work, you can always try to send the %clipboard% variable

something like:

setenv, clipboard, test

winwaitactive, Untitled - Notepad

sleep, 1000

send, %clipboard%

will put the word test in the clipboard

wait until Notepad is active (you change that to whatever you are trying to paste into...)

pause just for a moment

and it will send the clipboard.

does this help any??

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