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Clicking on a window - window pops up in diferent locations

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I'm learning autoit & have spent a few hours trying figure out something that I'm sure you all think is pretty simple... If you could help me, then that would be greatly appreciated.

I'm writing a script that at one point a window is opened - This window opens in random locations. What I'm trying to do, is to locate the coordinates of the maximize button which will position the window in a spot where the next clicks I program will be in a set position.

It is a window within a program, so when I use the autoit Window info, it displays the new window (title / class / position / size / etc) the same as the other window of the program. Also keyboard shortcuts dont work on this window.

Is there a way to identify the coordinates so i can tell it to maximize the window? Or maybe a different way?

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So this sounds like its a child window.

Depending on the situation this could be problematic.

wingetpos() is definately worth a try.

If that fails...

Check if the main application has the option to cascade windows. With that, you should be able to get its location fixed, if you want to "click" the maximize button.

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