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QA Stooge

Make a compiled .exe useful as a windows service

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QA Stooge

I made a script which listens to a local directory. If any files change within, or are added to, that directory, then the script runs a set of operations (using WinSCP) to connect to a remote server and upload/update the files.

So now I want to set it up as a Windows service (in WinXP).

I made it a service with the SC.exe, which was easy enough (I've done it with some Java Servlets before).

My problem is not using SC to create a service. That I've done.

When I try to start this service, it thinks about it for awhile and I get

Error 1053: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.

What could be causing this? Is there something I need to do with my script to make it "handlable" by the windows service controller? Perhaps something in the _WinAPI library?

Thanks in advance.

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See if any of these help




If not there are a lot of posts on running as a service

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