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Variable with calculation

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How do i make an variable/iniread that can use calculation?

I will save +x or -x in the inifile.

How can i fix, so it can calculate with the mouse position.

I have created an function, but its much slower when i using it.

;Set variables
$x = "+5"
$y = "+10"

$pos = MouseGetPos()

;Move the mouse X + 5 and Y + 10

func calc($tmp,$tmp2)

;If + inside $tmp
if stringinstr($tmp,"+") Then

        ;Return $tmp2 and calculate + $tmp
    return $tmp2 + stringreplace($tmp,"+","")
        ;Return $tmp2 and calculate - $tmp
    return $tmp2 - stringreplace($tmp,"-","")

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Does this do what you're trying to do?

$x = 5
$y = 10

$pos = MouseGetPos()

mousemove($x + $pos[0], $y + $pos[1])

I want too use the "+5" or "-5" in the inifile.

Then use it that way.

If i have "-5" inside the ini-file, it should use "5 - $pos[0]" and "5 + $pos[0]" if it's + inside the settings.

I just used variables for example.

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This seems to work:

$1 = Number("+4")
$2 = Number("-4")

MsgBox(0, "", 8 + $1)
MsgBox(0, "", 8 + $2)

The numbers are defined as strings since IniRead() returns a string. Number() may not be necessary, but it sure feels better to have it there.

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