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Captsha input

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I had recently made a code so it would automatically log myself in a website. It had also gotten a captsha recently. I was wondering how i would make a text box that had an input option to where once i entered the captsha and pressed ok then it would enter the code into the necessary input box on the website.

I've just been using this

;pop up question

$answer = MsgBox(4, "Vote", "Do you want to vote for Bear and Orisci now?" & @LF & "Must have tab 1 open")

If $answer = 7 Then



If $answer = 6 Then

;opens molten wow home page

shellexecute ("https://www.molten-wow.com/#content-top")

sleep (3000)

;clicks on username input

MouseClick ( "left" , 214, 595 , 2 , 0 )

send ("user")

;clicks on password input

send ("{tab}")

send ("pass")

;goes to caption

send ("{tab}")


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Step 1. Delete your duplicate post

Step 2. Look at the _IE functions in the Help file for how to navigate/utilize websites in a much more reliable fashion.


#include <IE.au3>
$oIE = _IECreate("https://www.molten-wow.com/#content-top")

Step 3. If you haven't played around with GUIs at all, fire up Koda from your SciTE --> Tools menu, design yourself a quick gui.

Step 4. Try to get it all to work together, and if you can't, then post what you come up with at that point and we'll see what we can do.

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