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Upload folder to FTP in Single Stroke

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Hello to all,

to help my users with long procedure, i create a script that

has as result a folder with some subfolder with files in it.

(flash flipbook)

After this they have to upload this folder to an FTP, but not

all operators have same skill so i'm searching easy way to

upload an entire folder structure to an FTP using a script.

Cna anyone point me in right direction ?

thank you for reading,


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make some step:

#include <ftp.au3>

;//   user options
$my_ip = ""
$my_login = "login"
$my_pwd = "password"
$my_local_dir = "C:\testpv"
$my_remote_dir = "/testpv"

;//   OPEN FTP session
$dllhandle = DllOpen('wininet.dll')
$Open = _FTPOpen ('MyFTP Control',0) 
If @error Then Failed("Open")
$Conn = _FTPConnect ($Open, $my_ip, $my_login, $my_pwd)
If @error Then Failed("Connect")

_FTPMakeDir($Conn, $my_remote_dir) ;I make folder that contain your files and directory
_FTPPutFolderContents($Conn, $my_local_dir, $my_remote_dir, 1) ;I copy stuff into FTP

_FTPClose ($Open)

Used an FTP.au3 find somewhere in my hardisk (maybe teammc.cc ones ? (http://teammc.cc/aut_ftp/))

IT works, upload entire subfolder and files from given local folder, but,

skip files in root\, anyone can suggest me how correct ?

Thank you,



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