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detect dbl click

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I've tried everything I can think of to create a simple script that will call a function when the left mouse button is doubleclicked. But I have run into every problem from the script working but I'm not able to click an drag anymore with it running to it only working once and then not at all. This is the script I currently have:

#include <MouseSetOnEvent_UDF.au3>

$x = 0

_MouseSetOnEvent($MOUSE_PRIMARYDOWN_EVENT , "Click")


_MouseSetOnEvent($MOUSE_PRIMARYDOWN_EVENT) ;Enable mouse button back.

While 1

$x += 1



Func Click()

If $x < 3 Then DoubleClick()

$x = 0



Func DoubleClick()


$x = 0


It only works on the first double click and then doen't do anything. Can anyone help?

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