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can my code be "DeObfuscated"

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Hey , i used Scite Obfuscator to help against hackers.

i saw in some forum that there is a DeObfuscator for Scite. (so can it be reversed ? )

also after Obfuscating i can't run my code cause it takes about 5 min to load.... (its a very long code about 30000 lines of code)

any help please (I'm just trying to protect my code , i try armadillo and Themida and i contacted their customer service

here is the answer.

"The problem with AutoIt applications is that it’s an interpreted language, so a protector cannot apply machine code protection to the AutoIt code. The AutoIt code is like data that needs to be unencrypted in memory to be able to be interpreted."

So what he means , no matter what you do , it can still be decompiled.

however , if i would block 99% of the hackers out there i would be very pleased.

is there a way to do it ?

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Unfortunately it is not possible to 100% secure your code from anyone. With the right tools and enough will power, people will decompile and deobfuscate anything you through at them.

The reason your deobfuscation is slow and why it has 30000 (?) lines is because the obfuscator takes the includes and appends it to your script. There is no way out there at the moment to match the code in the output script to that of the include.


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You cant block even 1% of 'hackers' with obfuscator .Consider your code plain for everyone to see.

Use the encryption functions for sensitive data like Base64 and others like that.You can check the xprotec in the example scripts.

It can point you in the right direction.

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I Made my own obfuscator , however i still want to hide the text on my msgbox.

right now the code is not so easy to read , but the text is simple

is there anyway to hide the text ?

for example

msgbox (0,"License check","Your license Expires in "&$oO0OG0oGo0O&" days")

I need to hide the text for the very least so no one could find it in such an easy way..

EDIT: i found the answer after long searches in the forum.

thanks for your help

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