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Function to write text to specific position in each line?

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I have spent some time now looking for an AutoIt function that will write text to a specific position within a file. For instance if I want to write 88 in every line in the file 5 spaces/positions in. I have looked at FileWrite, FileWriteLine and FileWriteToLine but none of those appear to allow what I am looking for.

Example: if I were to have the following lines in a txt file






and I want to end up with this:






Please note that each line is different, but I want to write to the same position within each line. What func should I look at, is there some way to do this with AutoIt? Thanks!

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Look at


GDIPlusDispose - A modified version of GDIPlus that auto disposes of its own objects before shutdown of the Dll using the same function Syntax as the original.EzMySql UDF - Use MySql Databases with autoit with syntax similar to SQLite UDF.

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