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Send() Not Working in Administrator Mode

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I have two of the same windows open. One is ran as an administrstor (it has to for it to open). Send() will only work for the window that is not opened as an administrator. I am not using controlsend(), just the normal send() function. Controlsend() won't work for either. Also, mouseclicks are ignored too for the window that is running as an administrator.

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This works for me in win xp sp2

Run("cmd.exe /c " & "notepad.exe",@SystemDir,@SW_HIDE)

And another script. it executed under Restricted Privilegies.

It works without any problem in m OS.

This script executed under Restricted user

Send("Today's time/date is {F5}")

But it works in %homedrive%\Temp directory.

Try replace your script to another location for example c:\data or etc.

It must work.

[size="5"] [/size]

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It's a permissions issue. Functions like "Send" can only access programs of equal or lesser authorization. Meaning admins can touch standard user data, but standard users cannot touch admin data. Disabling UAC will stop your issue, but what you need to do is just run your script as admin.

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