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navigating a instal menu

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i am a total noob in this, but i was making a few auto instal scripts for some programs.

atm i try to make a script for G5 mouse (driver instal program)

but i need some help.

cant go pass this screen:

Posted Image

the problem, i dont have a clue how i can let the script wait till this window opens

i used:

WinWaitActive("Logitech SetPoint-installatieprogramma" ,"Stap 1 van 5")

on the "stap 1 van 5" i tried allot but nothing works

i got the commands to go trought the whole setup, the only thing is, he needs to wait till "stap 1 van 5" shows up

and once again at "stap 5 van 5"

can anyone help me out with this?

thank you

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