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EXTRACT zip Folder

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every one

i have one problem i want to know how extract files to zip folder

my zip folder got 3 files autoit_1.exe, autoit_2.exe, autoit_3.exe

and zip folder uploded at website like


now plz help to extract these file in drive

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Nevermind, that's for file compression, not archival files. I'll look for a CMD level command for zip folders...

PowerArchiver has a command-line version...I used to use it for some of my scripts, but I haven't had to use it lately. I think you need a license...but you might be able to download a 'trial'

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one problem is that we donno remote system have PowerArchiver  so i should give them solution without using PowerArchiver

can we USE CMD FOR zip file format or another solution u have for extracting files


You could use a freeware program called CabPack. This will make a *.cab file which an OS can expand ( extract ).

1. Cab your files.

2. Ensure destination directory exists for expanding it. ( DirCreate() )

3. Use command like expand compressed.cab -F:* DestinationFolder

Extrac32.exe could be used also, if available ?

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Yet I've never really understood why Windows OSes can only expand, not compress, files into .cab files.

@MSLx Fanboy

Oh but, MakeCab can make *.cab files. Which a latter OS will have. If it is more then 1 file, then you need to create a directive file. This is not as simple as typing a command line. A simple method is to use a script or a program would create the directive and cab the files. Instructions on directives, are supplied with the program link that I supplied.

Pity that CabArc is not with an OS, as it is easier to create cabs with.



Glad it worked for you.


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RunWait('EXPAND -r "' & @SystemDir & '\Myfiles.cab" -F:* "' & @SystemDir & '\"', "", @SW_HIDE)

Inverted comma's maybe your problem ?


Edit: You can also use the copy /b command with extac32.exe to make an SFX.

That would extract into the same directory.

copy /b extrac32.exe+Myfiles.cab Myfiles.exe

Then you can run the exe (sfx cab) without any special command, and it will self extract.

Edit2: Noticed you had the -F:* switch missing also. I have added it.

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