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Could AutoIt be used for my Game Server?

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I have a new freeware game server and it uses RDP (Remote Desktop) for players to login and play a game, the players have been given the specific User account Login & Passwords.

What i need is a way to lockout the Control Alt & Win keys so that their key combos do NOT work as M$ intended, or at all. It also appears the RDP will log a user out if they press the infamous CAD combo and it will also be disable in the User accounts (Limited not Admin) as well as a few other registry options.

I would like full control to tailor mouse clicks and key-presses completely (aside from CAD) for complete security, could AutoIt easily give me that? Or would something else work better for free?

In addition, i'd like to automate the changing of User account passwords since these are multi-user games, so when the player clicks next player it emails the next player and changes the password to that player's, thus locking out all the other players from the User account until the next player finishes etc.

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