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Help getting started in autoit

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I was told autoit will be much better then bat files to help do some cleaning up after our software installation.

The black batch script box is very unprofessional, and sometimes people close it before it can finish processing.

We're under a very tight dedline, far behind schedule. I'm struggling a bit getting used to the new syntax.

I'm posting the bat text here, if anyone can please help give some examples of how autoit handles the functions we're using so we can get the new script tied down as soon as possible, we'd really appreciate the help.



@echo off

TITLE Backup Albums

if exist C:\RapidStudio_Albums MOVE /Y C:\RapidStudio_Albums %temp%

TITLE Copy Shortcuts

if not exist "C:\Program Files\RapidStudio_Support" MKDIR "C:\Program Files\RapidStudio_Support"

xcopy QSApp.ico "C:\Program Files\RapidStudio_Support" /Y

xcopy RapidStudio_QuickSupport.exe "C:\Program Files\RapidStudio_Support" /Y

xcopy RapidStudio_QuickSupport.exe %userprofile%\desktop /Y

echo [internetShortcut] >"%userprofile%\desktop\RapidStudio Web.url"

echo URL=http://www.testing.rapidstudio.co.za/ >>"%userprofile%\desktop\RapidStudio Web.url"

echo IconFile=C:\Windows\System32\url.dll >>"%userprofile%\desktop\RapidStudio Web.url"

echo IconIndex=0 >>"%userprofile%\desktop\RapidStudio Web.url"



TITLE Wait for Setup.exe


set found=N

for /f "tokens=*" %%a in ('tasklist ^| findstr /i "Setup.exe"') do set found=Y

rem echo Process=Setup.exe

rem echo found =%found%

> wait.bat echo ^@CHOICE ^/T %%1%% ^> NUL ^/D y

call wait.bat 5

del wait.bat

if "%found%"=="Y" echo Process is still running...

if "%found%"=="Y" GOTO :CHECK_PROCESS

echo Process has stopped

TITLE Change attributes

attrib -R "C:\Program Files\RapidStudio\MPR500 Pro 5\*.*"

DEL /S /Q /F /A:S "C:\Program Files\RapidStudio\MPR500 Pro 5\thumbs.db"

DEL /S /Q /F "C:\Program Files\RapidStudio\MPR500 Pro 5\thumbs.db"


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Here are some functions that could replace the ones you used in the batch file. The help file has examples on all of them if their usage is unclear.

Single line "if" statements work very much like the ones you used. Multiline if statements have to be closed with "endif".

There is no GOTO in autoit. If you need to run a part of your script multiple times its best to place it into a function.

batch                   =>  AutoIt
exists                  =>  FileExists() (yes it works for dirs)
move                    =>  DirMove() / FileMove()
%temp%                  =>  @TempDir
MKDIR                   =>  DirCreate()
xcopy                   =>  DirCopy() / FileCopy()
%userprofile%\desktop   =>  @DesktopDir
echo                    =>  depends on your interface ConsoleWrite() is usefull while testing
atrib                   =>  FileSetAttrib()
del                     =>  FileDelete()

I'm a bit unclear about what goes on between




but take a look at ProcessExists(), ProcessWait(), ProcessWaitClose()

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OR you can just call your batch file and hide the window...

RunWait("myscript.bat", "", @SW_HIDE)

Which is perfectly fine if your batch script is non-interactive.

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Thanks for the help - We've managed to convert all the scripts.

I'm just having trouble with a shortcut we create.

the shortcut is created fine, but it doesn't show it's icon.

Only if you check the properties of the shortcut and click "choose icon" - it then shows the icon.

Is there a way to resolve this?



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if you use FileCreateShortcut (), have you set the icon param and, if you have to, the icon number:

FileCreateShortcut ( "file", "lnk" [, "workdir" [, "args" [, "desc" [, "icon" [, "hotkey" [, icon number [, state]]]]]]] )

Another solution is, to create a shortcut with proper icon settings in your @ScriptDir and just copy it with FileCopy () to the target folder you want to.



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Thanks :idea: Will give it a try.

Now for another one....

On most of the PCs here this works... but on mine it doesn't (the part that makes the files not be read only)

I am on a 64 bit PC - and the files are in program files NOT in program files X86 or wherever the 32 bit programs usually are.

FileCopy("RapidStudio_QuickSupport.exe", @ProgramFilesDir & "\RapidStudio_Support\RapidStudio_QuickSupport.exe",9)

FileCopy("QSApp.ico", @ProgramFilesDir & "\RapidStudio_Support\QSApp.ico",9)

FileCreateShortcut(@ProgramFilesDir & "\RapidStudio_Support\RapidStudio_QuickSupport.exe", @DesktopDir & "\RS_QuickSupport.lnk", @ProgramFilesDir & "\RapidStudio_Support\","", "RapidStudio QuickSupport", @ProgramFilesDir & "\RapidStudio_Support\QSApp.ico", "", "15", @SW_MINIMIZE)


If ProcessExists("Setup.exe") then



FileSetAttrib(@ProgramFilesDir & "\RapidStudio\MPR500 Pro 5\*.*", "-R")

FileDelete(@ProgramFilesDir & "\RapidStudio\MPR500 Pro 5\Cliparts\Animals\thumbs.db")

FileDelete(@ProgramFilesDir & "\RapidStudio\MPR500 Pro 5\Cliparts\Baby\thumbs.db")

FileDelete(@ProgramFilesDir & "\RapidStudio\MPR500 Pro 5\Cliparts\Beach\thumbs.db")

FileDelete(@ProgramFilesDir & "\RapidStudio\MPR500 Pro 5\Cliparts\Buttons\thumbs.db")

FileDelete(@ProgramFilesDir & "\RapidStudio\MPR500 Pro 5\Cliparts\Charms\thumbs.db")

FileDelete(@ProgramFilesDir & "\RapidStudio\MPR500 Pro 5\Cliparts\Cuves\thumbs.db")

FileDelete(@ProgramFilesDir & "\RapidStudio\MPR500 Pro 5\Cliparts\Everyday Objects\thumbs.db")

FileDelete(@ProgramFilesDir & "\RapidStudio\MPR500 Pro 5\Cliparts\Floral\thumbs.db")

FileDelete(@ProgramFilesDir & "\RapidStudio\MPR500 Pro 5\Cliparts\Letters\thumbs.db")

FileDelete(@ProgramFilesDir & "\RapidStudio\MPR500 Pro 5\Cliparts\Line Art\thumbs.db")

FileDelete(@ProgramFilesDir & "\RapidStudio\MPR500 Pro 5\Cliparts\Nature\thumbs.db")

FileDelete(@ProgramFilesDir & "\RapidStudio\MPR500 Pro 5\Cliparts\Paper\thumbs.db")

FileDelete(@ProgramFilesDir & "\RapidStudio\MPR500 Pro 5\Cliparts\Party\thumbs.db")

FileDelete(@ProgramFilesDir & "\RapidStudio\MPR500 Pro 5\Cliparts\Postcards\thumbs.db")

FileDelete(@ProgramFilesDir & "\RapidStudio\MPR500 Pro 5\Cliparts\rapidstudio logos\thumbs.db")

FileDelete(@ProgramFilesDir & "\RapidStudio\MPR500 Pro 5\Cliparts\Ribbons 'n Bows\thumbs.db")

FileDelete(@ProgramFilesDir & "\RapidStudio\MPR500 Pro 5\Cliparts\Romantic\thumbs.db")

FileDelete(@ProgramFilesDir & "\RapidStudio\MPR500 Pro 5\Cliparts\Simple Lines\thumbs.db")

FileDelete(@ProgramFilesDir & "\RapidStudio\MPR500 Pro 5\Cliparts\Simple Shapes\thumbs.db")

FileDelete(@ProgramFilesDir & "\RapidStudio\MPR500 Pro 5\Cliparts\Sport\thumbs.db")

FileDelete(@ProgramFilesDir & "\RapidStudio\MPR500 Pro 5\Cliparts\Tags\thumbs.db")

FileDelete(@ProgramFilesDir & "\RapidStudio\MPR500 Pro 5\Cliparts\Travel Africa\thumbs.db")

FileDelete(@ProgramFilesDir & "\RapidStudio\MPR500 Pro 5\Cliparts\Travel Eastern\thumbs.db")

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Another glitch....

The section that deleted the thumbs.db isn't working.

I think it might be because the files are hidden? or "system files"?

Is there a way around this?



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