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Game File Patcher (No Download w/ Progress)

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The title says it all really and me being a highly novice writer, I plea to the gurus of this forum to have a look at my script. What I have is a basic little program that works as a file updater for a game. When a client opens the program, they click "Setup" and it sets the game directory and which patch should be used. After thats done, they click "Update" and it will download a zip file, unzip it into the directory of their game and they're done! They can click play...

The issue I have run into is that I need a method of downloading the zip file however inetget doesn't seem to work for me very well. I've considered using FTP connections but I cannot find any with a working progress bar that shows the status of their download. I will attach all files into a zip file and upload it if you'd like to see.

In the main script "EQH Patcher", there is a function that is called _patch() when the button "Update" is used. The problem I am facing is that it doesn't seem to work with the progress bar. If anyone sees any detail why this wouldn't work, I am open ears!

Thank you for your time.

PS: I haven't written the "Unzip File" code yet. I won't until I can get the script to actually download a file with progress.

Lines 60 - 62 = function called from download.au3 > I stripped download.au3 from an old post from 2007 that doesn't seem to have much interest. I did use search... VERY extensively but to no avail on my part. :idea:


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