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mouse movements

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can mouemovements generated in AutoIT-scripts be detected (if they are synthesized or coming from "true" mouse) by other programs?

If yes, are there ways to avoid this?

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If generated, then yes, if recorded in real time then I don't know.

Difference: you can't move mouse ideally, with fixed speed from point "A" to point "B", and this may be detected..

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Even a realistic movement (human accelerated like) can be detected, if the movement is caused by


Another program could have a mouse hook and could check for MSLLHOOKSTRUCT::flags :


Specifies the event-injected flag. An application can use the following value to test the mouse flags. Value Purpose

LLMHF_INJECTED Test the event-injected flag.


Specifies whether the event was injected. The value is 1 if the event was injected; otherwise, it is 0.



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