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TCPlisten TCPaccept problem ?

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I'm trying to get a simple AutoIt TCP client/server working.

I'm pretty sure of the code, I checked the help and the forums.

It's a bit complicated

- It works on the same machine (client connects to server)

- It doesn't work on 2 different machines (client fails to connect with WSA error 10061)

- I've tried a very basic tcp echo server/client (http://www.mycplus.com/source-code/c-source-code/tcp-client-and-server/) and it works between my 2 machines. So the problem is not my machines.

- The AutoIt client can connect to the previous echo server

- The echo client cannot connect to the AutoIt server (error 10061)

I'm CERTAIN of my tests, so really there's a problem with the AutoIt server

What is wrong with ? Here's the code

$g_IP = ""
$mainSocket = TCPListen($g_IP, 1040)
if ($mainSocket = -1) then
    MsgBox(0, "error", "failed to creaste listening socket")
$clientSock = -1
    $clientSock = TCPAccept($mainSocket)
until $clientSock <> -1
msgbox(0, "good", "client connected")

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Ah it's always just after posting that I find the solution usually :idea:

In the server, I should have written

$mainSocket = TCPListen("", 1044)

instead of

$mainSocket = TCPListen("", 1044)

Maybe the help file is wrong ?

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Wrong how, I can't see where it mentions empty quotes?

Well, I need the empty quotes to make it work. Putting in "" like in the help file doesn't work for me.

I think it's quite strange ? What does TCPListen does with that argument exactly ?

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Oh excuse me, I kind of read wrong up there. The IPAddr-parameter is what IP TCPListen shall "work" on, and is localhost, so obviously that wont work if you want another machine to be able to connect :)

I would guess that setting an empty string ("") sets it as which means it listens to everything (please correct me if I'm wrong!).

In short: set the IP to where you want people to be able to connect from. If you want another machine to connect don't set it to localhost.


Edit: Added link.

Edited by AdmiralAlkex

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