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How to start an application thats in Start menu

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I ran the below code to run/open an application from the following path but it didn't work successfully - D:\documents and settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Mitratech\Claim Litigation Mailer Utility.lnk:

;Launch Claim Litigation Mailer Utility from start menu > programs

$details = FileGetShortcut(@StartMenuCommonDir & "\Programs\Mitratech\Claim Litigation Mailer Utility.lnk")

$mycommandline = $details[0]& " " & $details[2]

run ($mycommandline,"",@SW_MAXIMIZE)


I would appreciate your help in correcting this code.


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Does it work with simply Run and the hardcoded path of the executable?

That is, rule out the FileGetShortcut fn?

I might be curious to see if @StartMenuCommonDir ends with a \ already.


If I am too verbose, just say so. You don't need to run on and on.

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Your curiosity seems to spread. Just checked: 'C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu'. It's good to see that our nice devs are consistent with that 'no trailing slash' thing. Makes it very simple...too bad I always forget that and error myself out with it :(

Take a look at all my error logs some times, most of them are I-D-10-T errors :(

Writing AutoIt scripts since
_DateAdd("d", -2, _NowCalcDate())

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