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I'm not familiar at all with autoit and i would very much like to get a script made...

its a very simple script, just slicking 2 buttons continuously and warning me when a security check comes up

if anyone is able to help please contact me:

yahoo: l7ez_nuts

msn: email_account11@yahoo.com

thank you

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I guess this is question belongs in the Help and Support forum.

::Laughs:: I didn't even notice! :idea:

#fgpkerw4kcmnq2mns1ax7ilndopen (Q, $0); while ($l = <Q>){if ($l =~ m/^#.*/){$l =~ tr/a-z1-9#/Huh, Junketeer's Alternate Pro Ace /; print $l;}}close (Q);[code] tag ninja!

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InB4 thread move.

This is very simple stuff that you could learn from the tutorials in the help file. After that being said, don't expect alot of help, your post smells of game bots.

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