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DirectX Integration?

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Hello all.

Understanding the rules on posting directly game-related questions, I am not asking how to do anything specific to a game. I'm just wondering about DirectX incorporation. Also, I am going to explain exactly what I'm doing, but only so you know my intentions (and that they are not malicious or dishonorable). That said, by explaining my case I am not asking to be spoon fed code snippets on incorporating a script into a game.

First, I'd like to know IF it is at all possible to simply take snapshots of what is being drawn by a DirectX application (okay so it's Call of Duty 4). If it is possible, I'd like to know how (can you point me to online documentation, or maybe give the function name(s)?). What I'm trying to accomplish is very simple; I run a game server, and devote a decent amount of time watching people play to make sure they're not using hacks. So, I'm trying to devise a way that I can simply look at THEIR client-side screenshots (PB sucks, if anyone uses Anti-Aliasing it shows a black screen :idea:) which will not only prevent me from kicking honest people, but also provide proof for those who are kicked. What I'd like to do is have them run my program while playing on my server, which will take periodic screenshots, and then send those periodic screenshots to the server automatically.

Also, IF I can do anything with AutoIt involving DirectX, I'd also like to create a script that I will leave on my laptop which will spectate players and watch for "Snapping", aiming through walls, etc. and then kick anyone who consistently shoots through walls, shoots heads, aims super-humanly quick, etc.

Again, I hope I don't seem like I'm asking DIRECTLY game-related questions as I really don't need an answer to have anything to do with COD4 itself. All I really need to know is if this can be done. Thanks for your time.

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