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Define the min and max value of a variable

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I wasn't able to find in forum and in help too.

If I have a value let's say for a game, and let's call it $healt, then, how I set that variable minimum to for example 0 and maximum for example 100?

Then during the game it will be modified but it must never go under 0 or over 100.

I just control the $healt value modifying events with If or so (Like if $healt >=0 or <=100 then decrease it) or there is a way to make it value exceeding proof?

For example i may want to put fights and i have 20 healt left, but my enemy hits me for 30. I want it to stop at 0 because I told before that the value of $healt must not go under 0 or over 100.

Any clue?

Also, If you suggest/know different method of doing the same thing, post here.

Thanks community.

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