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WinRar Compress Script Help

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Hi Everyone

I Am Trying Do Script a Compressor...

It Should Be Like This...

1. Doubleclick on Exe

2. Chose File Or Folder

3. Click OK

Than It Should

1. Compress With Winrar

2. Split in 200MB Parts

3. Add Rescue

4. Add NOTE.txt

I Searched The Whole WWW But Could Not Find Anything That Could Help A Starter Like I Am...!!!

My Eyes Are Bleedin From Search and Read Topics...

Maybee One Of You Has Already Something Like This And Could Share It...

Thx in Advance


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First off, do you have a rar compressor executable? If so, what are you using? Rar is a proprietary compression format so it is not natively supported.

Second, did you read about the commandline interface of your rar compressor? On hwat parameters you need to feed it to do the compression that you want?

Lastly, did you bother to look in the help file and try to understand how to code in AutoIt? Did you read up on the GUICreate* functions, Run or RunWait, or whatever else is needed?

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