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Yet another pointless Script! Morse it baby!

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well after the great success of my pointless keylogger...

I had to make another pointless script!!

Forget talk-it! Forget windows dictator!

Here is the ultimate in Text to sound Conversions!

The Morse Code Generator!


have fun

;Name: Morse it!
;Author: Jazo! <jazo10@gmail.com>
;Date|Time: 12/5/05 3:10 PM
;Dev Tool: AutoIt v3.1.0
;Requirements: Kernel32.dll
;Description: This program will take a text input and transfer it into morse beeps!

$input=inputbox("Morse-coder","please enter your code","morse it baby!"," M",100,100)
for $nchar=1 to StringLen ($code) step 1
    $char=stringLeft($code, 1)
case $char="."
case $char="-"
case $char=" "
$code=StringTrimLeft($code, 1)

func _beep($p,$t)
DllCall($beep, "int", "Beep", "long", $p, "long", $t)

EDIT: Wouldnt it be great if IPB had a spell check?

Edited by jazo10

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very cool :(

"I thoroughly disapprove of duels. If a man should challenge me, I would take him kindly and forgivingly by the hand and lead him to a quiet place and kill him." - Mark TwainPatient: "It hurts when I do $var_"Doctor: "Don't do $var_" - Lar.

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I think he means AutoIt v3.1.1.27 and most probably not. Its probably because you don't have a speaker on your mother board.


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