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GUICtrlSetPos() and "Default"


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I hate getting my Bug Trackers shot down (or posting them unnecessarily).

I think I'm only shooting about 1-for-6 in 2 years.


The "Default" keyword if specified in a GUICtrlSetPos() statement applies the position values from the last-referenced control, rather than the control specified in the GUICtrlSetPos() statement itself.

Does anyone know:

Did the "Default" keyword function correctly with GUICtrlSetPos() at one time and has since become broken?


Has GUICtrlSetPos() never properly supported using the "Default" keyword?

PS - By "correctly" and "properly" I mean: That it is logical in this function that specifying "Default" should retain the positional value of the control being modified, and not just grab values from whatever happens to be the previously accessed control.

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