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say, i have a folder where my script is

i want to add a word doc file there and open it by means of autoit

the thing is that i do not want to stick to file name

can i open it sticking to file extension or smth else?

thank you

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If you are always only going to have that one file in the folder you can use this

$doc = FileFindFirstFile("*.doc")  
$doc = FileFindNextFile($doc) 

alternatively if you put the .doc in a folder use can use it like this:

$thefolder = "foldername"

$doc = FileFindFirstFile($thefolder & "\*.doc")  
$doc = FileFindNextFile($doc) 
ShellExecute($thefolder & "\" & $doc)

If you need to open more files or further define the search you can just expand on this.

edit: added folder thingy

Edited by hawky358
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