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Using Autoit to automate trading

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Guys- I am new here. I am not super sure if this is the right place to post this message but I would love to work with someone who is super familiar with Autoit as apposed to someone trying to learn it at rentacoder

I need a quick autoit or similar script to execute stock trading automatically; immediately when Buy/Sell signal is generated in a trading software. My broker provides me a crap interface which forces me to trade manually. I have some decision generating macros in excel that can spit out a signal but need someone to write a basic script to execute the trade in milliseconds.

The job is to make the above automatic with some additional little added functions. The other added complexity is that I am trading different stocks so the script need to I guess copy the ticker from excel (or some other app) and then input the right ticker in the trading window. There is some other functionality needed as well such as periodically waking up the trading app incases of long inactivity but I want to keep the description simple. I can get into more details with anyone interested in this project.

Obviously I will be compensating folks for their work. If you are interested in working on a fun project pls let me know. Thanks

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