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update tracker in utorrent 1.8.5

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HI, i am having a problem with utorrent. Im making an uploader bot with utorrent and have made the script but am having problems getting the torrent to update the tracker once the torrent is loaded into utorrent using utorrents 'load new torrents' folder. The torrent does a hash check but then just sits in utorrent waiting for the tracker to update (every 60 mins). Does anyone know a way of telling utorrent to update the tracker after the torrent has checked? im trying to avoid, if possible, needing to have the window active, as i will need to log out now and again and dont want the script to explode or anything lol. The current process is as follows:

The torrent is created using an external program.

Once done, the torrent is sent to utorrents torrent watch directory.

Utorrent then loads the torrent and hash checks against the file.

***The torrent needs to update for it to start seeding*** <<< This is where ive reached a problem.

Anyone have any ideas, solutions or even starting points?

Thanks for any help you can provide :idea:

UPDATE: NVM, i think wget can solve this issue :)

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