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Including a personal calendar in a game/app

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After learning the basics of autoit, I threw myself into making a little game with autoit (all with Gui and GuiSetMsg() things, anything graphic ;P).

I would like to add a personal calendar to the game that starts from a date I set (example: 1 january 2010) then whenever an action happens (example go out with friends, go to work etc. etc.) a day passes.

From what I understood looking into the forum, to add a day whenever something happens i should use GuiCtrlCreateDate or something to create the date and _DateAdd to make the time pass when an action it's made. Am I right?

Also, how could I set a date without forcefully showing a GuiCtrlCreateDate?

From what I got reading help, declaring a date in a variable and then using _DateAdd Should work.

Am I right? Any Examples?

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