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Setpoint, cant let it wait for next window

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I want to make an auto installer for Setpoint 6.00.84

- the first page is easy (and ready)

- the second page is the installing part (with progressbar)

- the third page is a simple page where i need to click a button to finish

My problem:

I cant let the script wait till the instal is done and the 3th page is up.

setpoint 6.00.84 only have 1 window name "SetPoint™-setup" and no sub window names (atleast the things i tried)

"WindowInfo" seeing the window as 1 window, at the "control page" it called them "Internet Explorer_Server1" , "Internet Explorer_Server2" , "Internet Explorer_Server3"

but i cant use it to let the window wait till "Internet Explorer_Server3" (page 3)

Is there someone here who can help me out with this?

The little script:


;page 1 welcome etc press instal button
WinWaitActive("SetPoint™-setup", "")
ControlClick("SetPoint™-setup", "", "Internet Explorer_Server1", "left", "1" , "606", "488")

;page 3, the page after the progressbar, cant get this part to work
WinWaitActive("SetPoint™-setup", "")
ControlClick("SetPoint™-setup", "", "Internet Explorer_Server3", "left", "1" , "232", "311")
ControlClick("SetPoint™-setup", "", "Internet Explorer_Server3", "left", "1" , "606", "488")

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If there is someone who knows how it works, please let me know.

to show u how far i am with my installers

Posted Image

As u see, an installation without my G5 Mouse drivers is a bad one ^^

So if u know how to get it done, then please let me know.

Thanks Alot.

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Those are embedded instances of Internet Explorer. You should get the object reference with _IEAttach(), using the "embedded" option. Then treat it as a web page with the other _IE* functions. See help file.


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