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Find Files on Windows CE 5

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this is my first posting in here...

I wrote an installer for copying Files from a PC to a WindowsCE 5.0 device, using Active Sync or newer and CECopy. All is working fine... but...

Is ist possible to check the CE-Device if all files are copyied, or an other try, is ist possible to check whether a file is copied or not?

Background is, that some SD-Cards are bad formatted and the copying whit CECopy dosnĀ“t give a feedback if the file is copyied ore not...

Has someone any hints???

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No ideas??? :mellow:

I have one idea that might help you Pitter...

I came across this download page Rapi Utilities whilst looking for something I could use in an ordinary wndows batch file to do file transfers to/from a CE device. There are 12+ .exe files that you can use to copy files, move files, see if files exist etc.

I am looking at converting a batch file which uses these utilities into an AutoIt file...the sort of thing I have in the batch file would be:

rapiexists "\Flash Disk\AFile.txt" followed by some sort of ouput redirection so I can see what the utility "replied"

The two possibilities (assuming an error didn't occur) would be File "\Flash Disk\AFile.txt" exists. or File "\Flash Disk\AFile.txt" does not exist.

Either of these is easy to trap using the AutoIt StdOutRead() function.

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You will have to use 3rd party tools. AutoIt is not designed to work with CE. That's not to say that a limited set of functions can't be used.

AutoIt for other operating systems: First and foremost, AutoIt is a Windows application. It's meant to fill a need in a Windows environment. Mac and Linux/Unix have different needs and their own tools as well. Also, there isn't much overlap in OS capabilities as far as AutoIt is concerned. Even if AutoIt was ported to a different OS, it would be AutoIt in name only. It's unlikely that the functionality provided would mirror AutoIt on Windows. As for Windows CE, while it's true that it is in the Windows family, programming for Windows CE is pretty different than for the Desktop. It's different enough that for a program like AutoIt which heavily relies on Windows internal workings, Windows CE is a completely different operating system.


Question about decompiling code? Read the decompiling FAQ and don't bother posting the question in the forums.

Be sure to read and follow the forum rules. -AKA the AutoIt Reading and Comprehension Skills test.***

The PCRE (Regular Expression) ToolKit for AutoIT - (Updated Oct 20, 2011 ver: - Please update your current version before filing any bug reports. The installer now includes both 32 and 64 bit versions. No change in version number.

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