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AutoIt and TMS Software components

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Dear reader,

I'm using AuoIt to automatically test the GUI of my software and I'm having a little problem reading the text form a TMS Software component.

When I'm using a TLabel, which is a normal label like you would use in Visual Studio, and fill in the 'Text' attribute, I can't read it with AutoIt. Though if I use a TParamLabel and set the 'Text' and 'Caption' it is visible for AutoIt. I can't just replace all the TLabel's with TParamLabel's (+100) since a TParamLabel doesn't support word wrapping. So I contacted the TMS Software support (I pay for this support) and asked if they couldn't just update their TLabel component with a Caption attribute.

TMS Software replied and asked ME to find out how AutoIt scans components for text, and only then they will review the component.. So here I am asking this question out of the blue. Is anyone using TMS Software gui components and has a solution? Or is there any why that AutoIt could be updated and be able to scan these components for text as well?

Your sincerely,


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