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Directly Accessing Url

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hi All,

is there a way to directly access a URL using the RUN command. I know we can go to start->run-> and enter the URL in there. So, is this not possible using AutoIT3??

Currently I am using the crude way, of first opening the browser, and then sending the URL address to the OPEN control Box.

Was wondering if there is a way I could directly open a URL instead of doing it this way??



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Open a browser to your URL

run('C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE http://www.hiddensoft.com ')


run("explorer http://www.hiddensoft.com")
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Try this, especially if your default browser is Netscape, Opera, Mozilla, etc., not Micro$oft Internet Exploiter, I mean Explorer. :whistle:

Run("Start http://www.hiddensoft.org")

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