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Job Tracking

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Ok I have a database for my work where we keep job information, my boss wants to me to make a job tracking program. This program should be able to show where in the shop a job is located, reading the database is easy, having the users log in a job easy but what I am lost at is how can I make a gui that shows the job, location and a color bar (red for jobs that have sat for weeks, green for jobs on schedule)

Now the Database is basically set up


enter date

due date


now how can I make it so a list of maybe 200 jobs can be displayed and show the location, can a GUI be dynamic. Please help

If you need more info let me know

Point me in the right direction and I think I can get it.

If I can't do it let me know so I can stop trying

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You can do it pretty easily. Use KODA to design your GUI, and then each GUI item will have a variable in the code that KODA generates. From there, you can update, add, and manipulate the database data by writing functions that interact with the GUI pieces. Set up your overall framework before doing anything fancy - it's easier to build from a solid base than to try to do it all at once.

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