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Help with readline.

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Here is what i am doing. I'm opening the log file for the game i play. Im then reading the last line of the log file to see it someone, or myself has typed "@vp" If they have the i will type, it worked. It seems to be reading the log file properly, but it never works because it is reading the whole line of code. So here is my question. Is it possible to get it to search the line that it gets for only the string of "@vp".

While 1
    FileOpen("qconsole.log", 0)
    $line = FileReadLine($file, -1)
    If $line = "@vp" Then
        Send("t it worked.")

This is what the line looks like (when someone chats) in the log file if it helps:

^4Trime | Team.v!p |^7: ^2^*@vp

But everyone's name and the color they type with is different, (so i can't break it into multiple strings with *)

Thanks you!

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