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Convert .xls to .csv

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Hi guys,

I have this job nowadays where I need to download some attachment from my email to a specfic folder on my desktop. Then from there I need to unzip a zip file which contains a lot of excel files that is needed to be converted to csv files so that it can be imported into my database.

Due to having these lots of files, I thought of writing a script to automate this. The main issue is that I need the excel files to be converted to .CSV files.

Please advice.

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No, its different formats. I would suggest opening each file, one at a time, and just do a File->Save As...There's no easy way to just do file manipulation. Make it easy and let Excel do it for you.

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You can make an Excel macro which runs automatically whenever a file is opened. The conversion can thus be done in Excel macro; all you need to do is send the xls files to Excel.


PS Thanks Cyclops (see below). That's actually what I was looking for to suggest.

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