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square root sign in edit

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i am trying to create some math calculations and show me the results

the only thing i really need is how to create the square root in a edit.

i know i could edit the font to symbol or something and then choose Ô but i only want 1 letter to be this font ? so can i do so its only the square root sign there is that font and the other letters will be a other font?

also how do you create the ^2 sign?

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ah thank you

i tryed this now but dosent seem to work

    _GUICtrlRichEdit_SetText ($edit1,"COS V"&@crlf&@crlf&" | a | = "&chr(251)&" x1² + y1²  "&@crlf&" = "&chr(251)&round($x1,2)&"²"&" + "&round($y1,2)&"² = "&round($len1,2)&@crlf&"| b | = "&chr(251)&"x2² + y2² "&@crlf&" = "&chr(251)&round($x2,2)&"² + "&round($y2,2)&"² = "&round($len2,2)&@crlf&" ( x1 * x2 + y1 * y2 ) / ( | a | * | b | )"&@crlf&"( "&round($x1,2)&" * "&round($x2,2)&" + "&round($y1,2)&" * "&round($y2,2)&" ) / ( "&round($len1,2)&" * "&round($len2,2)&" = "&round($answer,2)&")")
$tekst=_GUICtrlRichEdit_FindText ($edit1,chr(251))

any help here?

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