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[SOLVED] Check if a function is already defined?

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Hey guys, I'm coding an irc bot that will have plugin funtionality, ie: it will call certain functions when events happen, it will work something like this:

A message is recieved, bot checks for the command trigger, if the trigger is found it will call the function IRC_BOT_TRIGGERED($command)

But there will be loads more functions that can be called. What I want to do is be able to see if the user has defined a function to be called when an event happens, say there are more events such as a ping being recieved etc, but I want to only call the function if the user has defined it in the plugin file, is this possible?

To help a bit more, kind of like using #ifndef in C++, I want to be able to see if the function is defined before trying to call it, as it will meet an error if it isn't defined.

Pretty much exactly how the Messenger Live Plus scripting plugins work.

Any help or pointers to the right direction will be appreciated.



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Couldn't you do that through Call()? It will set @error and @extended if the function doesn't exist or the parameters are wrong, see helpfile.

Cute. One of those dusty corners of the help file I never dug into. Tested it with this:
For $n = 1 To 3
    Call("_Func" & $n)
    ConsoleWrite($n & ":  @error = " & @error & "; @extended = " & @extended & @LF)

Func _Func1()
    ConsoleWrite("One" & @LF)

Func _Func3()
    ConsoleWrite("Three" & @LF)

Thanks for the teachable moment.


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Internally, AutoIt (used to) make a call to the internal function Parser_FindUserFunction() do explicitly find if a user function is in place.

From the public facing functions, AdlibRegister(),HotKeySet(), GUICtrlSetOnEvent(), Execute() and Call() all use this, so could theoretically be used (by checking the @error/@extended) to find if a function exists.

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