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_ScreenCapture_Capture and WinGetPos Problem

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I use the following code to capture new windows:

Func _ShellHookProc($hWnd, $iMsg, $wParam, $lParam)     
    Switch $hWnd         
    Case $hForm             
        Switch $wParam                

            $title = WinGetTitle($lParam)
            if StringInStr($title, "joebox") == 0 AND BitAND(WinGetState($lParam), 1) Then
                $pos = WinGetPos($lParam)  
                If $pos <> 0  Then 
                    $shoot = "C:\screen\window" & $nbrOfShots& ".jpg"

                    $screenShot = _ScreenCapture_Capture("", $pos[0], $pos[1], $pos[0]+$pos[2], $pos[1]+$pos[3])

                    _ScreenCapture_SaveImage($shoot, $screenShot)
                    ;ConsoleWrite("Title: " & $title &  $pos[0] & " " & $pos[1] & " " &  $pos[0]+$pos[2]  $pos[1]+$pos[3]@LF)
                    _ArrayAdd($shoots, $title)
                    _ArrayAdd($shoots, $shoot)
                    $shootArraySize = $shootArraySize + 2
                    $nbrOfShots = $nbrOfShots + 1

With that code I have the following questions for some new windows:

1. $pos[2] and $pos[3] is sometimes 0 although the window width and height isn't 0 (I checked with AutoIt Window Info)

2. _ScreenCapture_Capture does not capture the new window on front but the area right below that image (waiting does not help, same problem after 5s waiting and taking screen then)

Any suggestions how to solve these problems?


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Are you sure $lparam is returning a valid handle to that particular window?

Do the $pos[0] and $pos[1] match the actual window pos?


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