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Help with PixelGetColor

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Ermm im just trying to make it detect the pixels and then do things and stuff like that, but no matter how i change it, it won't work

Here's a part of it. I don't really get it, i change the Hex to RGB. Once i open the script it never do what it's suppose to. Well it winactives but then it wont do anything else

Func Restart()

$pixDet = PixelGetColor(708, 753)

If $pixDet <> 243208173 Then


WinActivate ("**************")

MouseClick ( "Left", 1600, 847, 1, 1 ) ;Click "Refresh" Button


$pixDet = PixelGetColor(708, 753)

Until $pixDet <> 255255255


Call ("Login")




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