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How to detect filename in a folder then report it?

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Problem: in AutoIT I want the script to do the following:

1) Locate a randomly generated filename in a specific folder.. (ie. C:\Program Files\test_application\tmp\<where random filename is created>

2) Report ONLY the first filename that it find and what it is called "ie. test_001.tmp"

3) Output this to a script so I can reference it in a command line path.

Every other AutoIT script function seems to report a result if something exists or not and NOT the filename itself. FileFindFirstFile is like that where it just tells you 1 for YES its present or -1 for NO.

I simply need a facility to go look on a path, see what the first filename is there, and dump that name for use elsewhere.

I could not find any help anywhere for this and its my last AutoIT script challenge to figure out.

Thanks everyone!

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That returns a -1 or 1 and NOT the actual filename itself. I need something like:

$indfile=FileFindFirstFile("C:\Program Files\test_application\tmp\*.tmp")

$file = FileFindNextFile($indfile)

So when I call $file its the actual filename and not a result code like -1 or 1.

Btw, thank you Psaltyus for the prompt reply. I really need this figured out and found no help anywhere for it.

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Review FileFindFirstFile() and FileFindNextFile() again in the help file.

FileFindFirstFile() returns -1 if no first match is found, otherwise it returns a handle. That handle can then be used with FileFindNextFile() to get the actual file names. Assuming you get a valid handle in the first place, the first time you run FileFindNextFile() with that handle you get the first file name.

$hSearch = FileFindFirstFile("C:\Program Files\test_application\tmp\*.tmp")
If $hSearch <> -1 Then
    $sFile = FileFindNextFile($hSearch)
    MsgBox(64, "Found", "Fist file = " & $sFile)
    MsgBox(16, "Error", "No matching files")


Edit: Typo

Edited by PsaltyDS

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From helpfile:

Return Value

Success: Returns a filename according to a previous call to FileFindFirstFile, @extended set to 1 if filename is a directory. 
Failure: Sets @error to 1 if no more files/directories match the search.

We've all used FileFindNextFile many times. It returns a filename.

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Yeah sorry it works perfectly and have it doing its magic. Thanks AutoIT staff and community for your patience :idea:

Final code line:

$indfile = FileFindFirstFile("C:\Program Files\test_application\tmp\*.tmp")
$resultfile = FileFindNextFile($indfile)

Then I just call $resultfile and all it peachy!

Edited by Thudo

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