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Using Timer for debug

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I putting together a script to package, compile, zip and upload all our nightly builds.

The process goes like this...

1.) Clean out previous night's directory - working

2.) clean out all dependency libraries - working

3.) Get latest SVN revisions - working

4.) Rebuild all project libraries (122+) - working

5.) Open Visual Studio project file, send rebuild keys (ctrl+alt+F7) - working

b.)Sleep 15 minutes (general compile time) and close and move to the next step - NOT WORKING!

6.) Get all SVN, file version ,ect to create a file to add to the .ZIP file -working

7.) Create Zip file of software project - working

8.) Upload newest build to web server - working

9.) Blast out emails to all company developers on build status with attached logs. - Working.

As you can see step 5,b is not working for some reason. I think the problem lies somewhere in the timer.

So I would like to create a small window with a countdown timer once the projects begin to compile so I can see

if that is my problem, but unsure how to do it correctly.

Example below:




; Msgbox - only for debug

MsgBox(262192,"Debug","Waiting to load files ...",05)

sleep (15000)

; start build

MsgBox(262192,"Debug","Sending Rebuild short-cut keys ...",05)

send ("^!{F7}")

; I want to display a countdown timer here

; to show how log is left before close and exit function


; Close Visual Studio



;; Build Zip package

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