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Using FileReadToArray ??

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Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? I'm have the code below look in an INI file and pull out the first 8 computer names listed. The code then put that name into a $label on the GUI. It works fine if the INI has 8 or less computer name, but sometimes it will have more. This is when the code errors out. (show below)

Error: array variable has incorrect number of subscripts

Global $Label[9] = [8]

Dim $aRecords
Dim $item
If Not _FileReadToArray($Cache_Folder & "\XXXX.ini",$aRecords) Then

For $x = 1 to $aRecords[0]
    $NewStr = StringReplace($aRecords[$x],'"','')
    GUICtrlSetData($Label[$x],$NewStr )


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Well, you've pretty much spelled the whole thing out yourself...

You've a set number of labels (9, numbered 0 through 8) and you have a variable length ini file to load into the labels. As soon as the line-count of the ini exceeds the last defined label, blam, there is no $Label[9].

So, you could limit your loop, maybe add something like "If $aRecords[0] > 8 then $aRecords[0] = 8" before the loop. That would limit the load to only loading the first 8 lines form the .ini. Or, you could load $aRecords first, and then use the value of $aRecords[0] to define an array of labels matching the size of the ini file.

Anyway... me thinks you already were on the verge of your own answer.

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that worked... Thanks!!!

This was my try with arrays.

If $aRecords[0] > 8 then $aRecords[0] = 8

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