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0 = "String" (True statement)

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so uh i've been away from autoit for a long time, about a week ago i picked it back up.. not that i was ever much of a writer to start with :idea:

anyway i've just about got the rough outline of what im working on when i ran into a problem.

one of the functions i wrote was causing chaos, took me the better part of 2 hours to hunt down what it was.

when the function returned 0 and then was compared to a "string" no matter what the string was autoit thought it was true.

so for example

If 0 = "yes" Then Msgbox(0,"Msgbox", "TRUE")

it seems i can avoid this by just making the comparison case sensitive with ==

like wise using Return("0") instead of Return(0) also works.

im not sure if changing the return to a string will rather then a integer will work in all cases.. in any event i'd like to know why 0 = "string" is a true statement and what are my options beyond what i've already mentioned.

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The numeric value of your text is indeed 0 (zero). You are comparing a number to a string, which you cannot do, so autoit will compare the numeric value of you string with the number.

For example:

$text = 'any text here'
MsgBox(0, "All text = 0", Number($text))

If 0 = $text Then
    Msgbox(0,"Num to String", "TRUE")
    Msgbox(0,"Num to String", "FALSE")

If Number(0) = Number($text) Then
    Msgbox(0,"Num to Num(text)", "TRUE")
    Msgbox(0,"Num to Num(text)", "FALSE")

If String(0) = String("yes") Then
    Msgbox(0,"String to String", "TRUE")
    Msgbox(0,"String to String", "FALSE")

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hmm ok but i thought autoit did'nt have specific datatypes.

example "5" + "2" = 7

like wise "5" + 2 = 7

even though they're expressed in string form... so i dont know why i can't compare 0 to string, *scratches head*

seems a double standard here.

i probably would'nt run into this problem except i need the script im working on to read line for line a file and then act accordingly.. normally the file will contain integer however a few control strings are added.

"load" & "loop", for user friendliness i like to not do a case sensitive compare.

ok i found another solution, adding "" to a it seems to convert the integer to a string.


If 0 & "" = "yes" Then Msgbox(0,"Msgbox", "TRUE")

no msgbox.. cause it's now false..

so im sitting her wondering if i should just do this from the functions return, or if i should do it at the comparison.

the functions i'd like ot use in other things im not sure if returning 0 in string form "0" would have any impact on other uses, probably not...


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To my understanding, AutoIt doesn't have specific datatypes, but the interpreter does, so the datatype is changed based on what you are doing with the variable, which is why your string was changed to a number when you compared it to one.

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