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WinWaitActive doesnt work as expected

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Hi all

I have a C# application with windows forms, using which I need to automate the opening of a file using an in-house software( mySoftware). I have the following code as below. My understanding is that WinWaitActive() should wait until I click on the in-house software window (mySoftwareWindow) and make it active, before the code moves on to the next line and opens the specified xml file (line 6 in code below). Instead whats happening is that the next line of code runs even before I can make the in-house software active, thus running the Open button (line 6 in code below) on the current active window, which in this case is the C# application form. What do you think is going wrong here? Thanks!

aut = new AutoItX3Lib.AutoItX3Class();

aut.WinWaitActive("mySoftwareWindow", "", 1);

aut.WinMenuSelectItem("mySoftwareWindow", "", "&File", "&Open", "", "", "", "", "", "");

aut.Send("C:\\test.xml", 0);

//click the Open button

aut.Send("!o", 0);

aut.Send("{ENTER}", 0);

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You are setting 1 for the timeout parameter of WinWaitActive so it waits 1 second for the set title with the set text and if it appears earlier then 1 second, it continues, else once 1 second timeout expires, then it again continues. Set it to 0 for no timeout.


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