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Way to pass in handle from $CMdLine?

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I am trying to execute an AI function via a commandline to do some automation I do not know how to handle otherwise. Unfortunatley the windows I am trying to automate may have multiple ones active all with the same title. I know the WinGetHandle function would return the handle for a given window but my problem is that the windows I am dealing with will have already ebeen instantiated by my own program beforehand. What I would like to do is pass in the window handle that my other program already is aware of since it had isntantiated it and call the AI script passing in the handle via a $CmdLine option. Ideally I would be able to automate two windows based upon which handle I am dealing with in one script if this was feasible.

Is there a way to do this? I tried passing the handle in as a paramter but I could not figure out a way to "convert" it to a legitmate handle name that AI would process.

Any additional help or clarification would be appreciated.

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