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Remapped keys. Please help ..

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Hello All,

Hope someone can help me. I have been running the following piece of code for the last 2 weeks with no issues



if ($arg2 = "Start") Then

$path = "D:\xyz\abc\" & $arg1

Send ("#r")

Sleep (800)

Send ($path)

Send ("{ENTER}")


Until this afternoon, I have been able to see the Start->Run window launched and the executable name that I send filled in and launched correctly.

I am not sure what has changed on the machine, now when I run the script. I see the Start->Run window launched. Then rather than the path D:\... being typed into the Run window, I see "My Recent Documents" opened. Somehow the "D" key is getting remapped.

I would appreciate any help or pointers to where I can find a solution to this issue. Thanks.

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