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RegDelete issue

Guest dr_nick

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Guest dr_nick

I'm developing an automated software install script that needs to delete some registry keys and have used the RegDelete function to do this. However, I've run into a snag. If I run a compiled script with the RegDelete functions by itself, it will do it's job. But if I embed it in a Winzip SelfExtractor package, the keys are not deleted. Here's an overview:

SFX archive that auto-runs the first executable

1-v3 .exe that calls two others (#2 is called using a RunWait. #3 is called using Run. I call RunAsSet before calling either two v3 executables.

2-Software installation process

3-Done process that I use to tell Winzip that everything is done. There's no actual code in it.

It doesn't matter if I put the RegDelete actions in executable #2 or #3, the keys still remain.

Any ideas?

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