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In over my head...

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I am a Staff Sergeant in the US Army, and I am working on developing an MSL (Master Station Log)... I am way over my head and I've started over about 20 times. I would like to know if there's anyone that wouldn't mind helping me develop this program it would make my soldiers life's a lot easier... The script needs to function not only as a basic record of events, but also a current display of status.

Here is a basic idea of what it should look like. Thanks!

#include <GuiConstantsEx.au3>

#include <AVIConstants.au3>

#include <TreeViewConstants.au3>

#include <guiconstantsex.au3>

#include <EditConstants.au3>

#Include <GuiTab.au3>

#include <DateTimeConstants.au3>

#Include <Timers.au3>

#Include <File.au3>

#include <WindowsConstants.au3>

#include <AVIConstants.au3>

#include <TreeViewConstants.au3>

; Main GUI

GuiCreate("Master Station Log", 900, 700)








$contextMenu = GuiCtrlCreateContextMenu()

GuiCtrlCreateMenuItem("Context Menu", $contextMenu)

GuiCtrlCreateMenuItem("", $contextMenu) ;separator

GuiCtrlCreateMenuItem("&Properties", $contextMenu)


$ReportsWindow = GuiCtrlCreateTab(140, 90, 265, 510)






GuiCtrlCreateEdit(@CRLF & "RECORD INFORMATION", 425, 300, 450, 300)


GuiCtrlCreateInput("CHOPS", 735, 207, 100, 20)

GuiCtrlCreateDate("", 520, 172, 90, 20, $DTS_TIMEFORMAT )

GUICtrlCreateCombo("MISSION", 520, 207, 100, 20)

GUICtrlCreateCombo("TERMINAL", 520, 242, 100, 20)

GUICtrlCreateCombo("COMPONENT", 735, 240, 100, 20)

GuiCtrlCreateLabel("Chops:", 690, 210)

GuiCtrlCreateLabel("Mission ID:", 455, 210)

GuiCtrlCreateLabel("Terminal:", 465, 245)

GUICtrlCreateLabel("Component:", 665, 245)

GUICtrlCreateLabel("ZULU Time:", 450, 175)


GuiCtrlCreateDate("", 425, 275, 200, 20)

;Add record

GuiCtrlCreateButton("CLEAR", 600, 610, 135, 30)

GuiCtrlCreateButton("ADD RECORD", 450, 610, 135, 30)

;Shift Change

GUICtrlCreateLabel ("SHIFT CHANGE", 26, 180)

GUICtrlCreateButton("A", 36, 195, 25, 20)

GUICtrlCreateButton("B", 66, 195, 25, 20)

GUICtrlCreateButton("C", 36, 218, 25, 20)

GUICtrlCreateButton("D", 66, 218, 25, 20)


GUICtrlCreateButton("RAYDAY", 30, 270, 70, 20)


$ReportB = GUICtrlCreateButton("REPORTS", 30, 135, 70, 20)

;Refresh Display

GUICtrlCreateLabel ("DISPLAY", 41, 315)

GUICtrlCreateButton("Refresh", 30, 330, 70, 50)



While GuiGetMsg() <> $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE


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Not an easy task mate. I'm afraid that creating the GUI is the easiest part; what's left is the one to give you headaches.

First you have to think about how do you want to store all the data because you will need it.

The easiest (and most "professional") way to do it is to store your data in an SQL database; if you don't feel confident enough to work with that, you might consider storing the data in a *.csv file or a *.xls. Take your time and put together what info do you need stored/retrieved and how to organize it in a database/csv/xls.

Once you have this part figured out you can start working on the remaining of the script.

The remaining of the script will mainly read data from your file, display it, edit it ...

As long as my time permits it, I will try to help you (I'll be away for 2 weeks though). I make no promises and I won't be writing the script for you. I only intend to steer you on the right path, to fix your errors and to give you some suggestions; that way you'll end up with some extra AutoIt knowledge :idea:

Good luck,

SNMP_UDF ... for SNMPv1 and v2c so far, GetBulk and a new example script

wannabe "Unbeatable" Tic-Tac-Toe

Paper-Scissor-Rock ... try to beat it anyway :)

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Yes, I understand it is difficult. In addition to what I have already stated I need it to be server based. As in I need it accessable and editable from multiple locations. I prefer to use the .csv format. I will contact you once I have a half working model for your review. I sure appreciate your assistance. Thanks.


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