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PixelGetColor and Win7 Fullscreen DX10

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I just joined the community and worked throu the 'search and FAQs'

as several other people i run into Problems trying to read pixels out of a DX10 Fullscreen App with pixelgetcolor. As soon as i goto fullscreen its all black i get.

I fiddled around with GDIplus and capturing screens and read out of those but it all turns to black.

Any hints? I already tried opt(pixelcoordmode) and that didnt give me a solution.

DWM is off and i already worked throu a load of threads which always state my problem but lack a solution and are around 2008.

Anyone found out about this to date?

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Yeh i already figured that and dig into some MS-articles about how windowrendering is made diffrent in Vista/win7. ;(

I already have some library in c++ for that matter but i am not familiar with C++.

I cant seem to get a grip on the right DC for the Picturedata, that is assembled in the off-screen buffer.

Hoped someone did some research into that already.

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