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Why does the Control ID not the same after relaunch Application?

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Anybody who can explain this ? Thank you !

Your first post was sufficient enough for vast majority of readers. Probably you wouldn't want the answer from the rest.

Also in English you do not put a space before an exclamation or question mark. Makes you look dumb really.

But to answer your questions (in reverse order):

  • Yes
  • Sometimes it's done deliberately. To make (unwanted) automation harder.




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--Launch a Apps and use AutoIT Window Info to get the Control ID .

--Close the Apps then relanuch it , now note the the control ID is not same with previous.

How it comes?

Additionally to the reason mentioned by trancexx most applications that generate GUI controls dynamically would produce different IDs for each instance. AU3 GUIs give shiny example.

UDFS & Apps:


DDEML.au3 - DDE Client + Server
Localization.au3 - localize your scripts
TLI.au3 - type information on COM objects (TLBINF emulation)
TLBAutoEnum.au3 - auto-import of COM constants (enums)
AU3Automation - export AU3 scripts via COM interfaces
TypeLibInspector - OleView was yesterday

Coder's last words before final release: WE APOLOGIZE FOR INCONVENIENCE 

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